Ahmad Saeedi's New Song and Video 'Nazanin' Coming Soon

Ahmad Saeedi’s New Song and Video ‘Nazanin’ Coming Soon

Date : 2014/07/03 View : 30

MusicFa is excited to work with Ahmad Saeedi on his upcoming new project “Nazanin”! It’s an upbeat summer song that is arranged by Milad Hashemi with music and lyrics by Milad Fayyazi. Ahmad Saeedi has once again collaborated with director Alex Ferra on this video, which they have worked hard to complete recently.

Ahmad Saeedi’s biggest hits on MUSICFA include “Shadidan” and Halam Khoobe, both which viewers to MUSICFA listen to repeatedly. “Nazanin” will world premiere on MUSICFA soon, stay tuned for it!



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